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Shrub Availability

Shrub Availability

Shrubs are potted in 1.5 to 3 litre pots, the plants listed here are mostly in 2 litre pots. These are good sized shrubs with an established root system ready to plant out any time of year. There will also be quite a few varieties available in larger 5 litre pots to create the instant garden effect. Prices for these larger shrubs start at £7.50

Aucuba Jap Variegata - Evergreen spotted laurel.Sun or shade.Tolerates pruning. H. up to 10ft. 7cm square pot £1.75 ( approx 1 ft high), 2 litre pot £5.50

Buxus Sempervirens Gold Tip - Evergreen box, used for hedging,topiary. 9cm pots £2.50, 2 litre pots, £4.50, 5 litre pots £8.50 and £12.50.
Buxux Suffruticosa, dwarf box. Ideal for topiary or hedging up to 2 ft high. 1.5 litre pots £4.50.

Buxus Elegantissima - Variegated form of box. Evergreen. Excellent as an edging plant or low hedge. ideal for topiary. 5 litre pots £9.50

Caryopteris Heavenly Blue - Compact, upright deciduous shrub grown for its intensly blue flowers in late summer. Prune back hard in late spring. Leaves are aromatic. Full sun.H.up to 3ft. 7 cm pots £1.75, 3 litre pot £7.50

Ceanothus Thy Repens - Evergreen, low growing shrub with blue flowers in late spring. Warm, sunny site. Trim after flowering. 7 cm pots £1.75 each

Choisya Ternata - Mexican orange blossom is a fast growing evergreen valued for its attractive aromatic foliage and white fragrant flowers in spring. H.Up to 7ft.
7cm square pot £1.75 ( approx 1 ft high), 2 litre pot £5.50 5L pot £7.50
Choisya Tenata Sundance Golden leaved version of above. 7 cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pots £5.50
Choisya Aztec Pearl, 5 L £12.50

Cistus Loretii - Evergreen shrub with large white flowers with a crimson central blotch. Full sun. H. 3ft. £4.50 SOLD OUT

Cistus Sunset - Evergreen pale green leaves with bright pink flowers early to mid summer. Full sun. H. 3ft. 7 cm pots £1.75

Cistus Peggy Sammons - Evergreen shrub with pale green leaves and pretty pale pink flowers in summer. Full sun H. 3ft. £4.50 SOLD OUT

Cordyline Australis - Palm like evergreen, ideal border or patio. Sun or semi shade. Grows up on a trunk. 10 ft plus eventually. £3.50 SOLD OUT

Cordyline Purpureum - Palm like evergreen. Architectural specimen with purplish green leaves. Ideal patio. Sun or light shade. up to 10ft. 1 litre pot £5.50 ( approx 12 inches high) SOLD OUT

Cornus alba Elegantissima - Vigorous deciduous shrub, white edged grey green leaves and small creamy white flowers in late spring and early summer, followed by white fruits. Young stems are bright red in winter. Sun. H. 5ft. 7cm square pots approx 1 ft high £1.75

Cornus Flaviramea - Vigorous spreading deciduous shrub. Bright greenish-yellow stems in winter. Oval dark green leaves and small white flowers in late spring and early summer followed by white fruits. Sun. Prune in March/April to achieve more young and shorter stems for following winter. H. 6ft 2 litre pots, approx 2 ft high £5.50

Cornus Spathii - Vigorous deciduous shrub with bright red young shoots for winter interest. Leaves are green with yellow margins in summer with small creamy white flowers in late spring.Prune in March/April to achieve young and shorter stems for following winter. Sun. H. 6ft 7 cm pots £2.50
Cornus Kesselringii - Vigorous deciduous shrub with near black stems. 2 litre pots approx 2 ft high £5.50

Cotoneaster Coral Beauty - Evergreen, arching dense ground cover. Small dark green leaves, white flowers in spring followed by bright orange red berries. Sun or semi shade, well drained site. H.3ft. 7cm square pots £1.75 2 litre pots £4.50

Cotoneaster Dammeri - Prostrate evergreen, ideal for ground cover over banks or under other shrubs. White flowers in spring followed by red fruits in autumn. H. 3 inches £4.50 SOLDOUT

Cotoneaster Microphyllus - Evergreen, spreading dense shrub with rigid shoots covered in small dark green leaves.White flowers are produced in spring, followed by red fruits. Sun or semi shade. H. 3ft. 7cm square ots approx 1 ft high £1.75, 1.5 litre pots,£4.50

Cotoneaster Horizontalis in 7 cm square pots £1.75

Escallonia Macrantha - Evergreen large dark green leaved shrub with red flowers in summer.Sun. H. 5ft. £5.50
Escallonia Apple Blossom, 7 cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pots £5.50, 5 litre pot £8.50

Euonymus Fort - Emerald n Gold Small, scrambling evergreen that will climb if supported. Leaves take on a pink tinge in cold weather. Full sun best, but tolerates semi shade. H. 2ft. 7cm pots £1.75

Euonymus Fort - Emerald Gaiety Bushy evergreen with white edged deep green leaves. Sun or semi shade. H. 3ft. 7cm pots £1.75

Euonymus Jap Microphyllus Pulchellus - Evergreen shrub with small dark green leaves with a gold margin.Sun or half shade. Compact growth up to 4ft. £4.50 7cm pots £1.75

Euonymus Jap Ovatus Aureus - Fairly slow growing and compact. eventual height 5 to 6 ft. sunny site. 7CM SQUARE POTS £1.75

Euonymus Japonicus - Large densly branched evergreen with glossy dark green leaves. pollution tolerant . Sun or shade. H.6 -8ft. 7cm square pots £1.75 each.

Euonymus Silver Queen - Compact, upright evergreen shrub. sun or light shade.H. up to 8ft. £3.50 sold out

Fatsia Japonica - Spreading evergreen shrub. Clusters of creamy white flowerheads appear in autumn. Excellent architectural plant for a shady border.sun or shade, provide shelter from cold winds and frosts when young. H.& S. 5 - 12ft Available in 2 litre £7.50, 5 litre pot £15

Forsythia Lynwood - Vigorous deciduous shrub with golden yellow flowers on bare branches in mid spring. Reliable shrub for a mixed border. Full sun best, tolerates semi shade. Cut out old stems after flowering.H. 10ft. 7cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pots £4.50

Fuchsia Tom Thumb - Hardy dwarf shrub bearing masses of single flowers with carmine red tubes and sepals and mauve corollas. Sunny site. H. 12 - 18 inches. £3.50 sold out

Fuchsia Magellanica - Deciduous hardy fuchsia with variegated leaves and crimson flowers in summer. Sun or semi shade. H. Up to 10ft. 7 cm pots £1.75

Fuchsia Gold Mountain, golden leaved hardy plants. £ 4.50 each in 1 litre pots.

Hebe Autumn Glory - Evergreen popular shrub with purple/ red shoots and deep green leaves. Deep purple/blue flowers from midsummer to early winter. Full sun. H.3 - 4ft 1.5 litre pot £4.50

Hebe Buxifolia - Excellent evergreen, with leaves ,as the name suggests, not unlike the buxus (box). Smothered in white flowers in summer. Very hardy. 7cm pots £1.75

Hebe Marjorie - Evergreen shrub bearing violet and white flowers in late summer, early autumn. Sun or semi shade. H.Up to 4ft.1.5 litre pots, £4.50

Hebe Mrs Winder - Forms an evergreen mound of purple leaves and stems. Flowers are mauve. Sun or half shade. H. 3ft. £3.50 sold out

Hebe Pagei - Low growing evergreen shrub with abundant white flowers in late spring and early summer. H.1ft 7cm pots £1.75

Hebe Quicksilver - Hardy evergreen with an open arching habit. The silver grey leaves contrast well with the dark stems. |Flowers are light blue/mauve in early summer.Sun or half shade. H. 2ft £3.50 sold out

Hebe Rakaiensis - Rounded evergreen shrub with white flower spikes from early to mid summer. Sun or partial shade. trim to shape if required. H.3ft. 7 cm pots £1.75, 1.5 litre pots £5.50

Hebe Red Edge - Hardy evergreen which forms a tight dome of grey green foliage, in winter the leaf edges are red. Flowers are pale lilac in early summer. Always looks good. Sun or half shade. H. 2 - 3 ft. 1.5 litre pots £4.50

Hebe Salicifolia - Evergreen upright shrub with long , narrow pale green leaves. White or pale lilac flowers from June to October. Sun or half shade. H. up to 6 ft. 1.5 litre pot £4.50

Hebe Toparia - Forms a mound of grey green foliage, very tidy, white flowers in mid summer. Sun or half shade. H. 3ft. 2 litre pot £4.50, 7cm pots £1.75

Helichrysum Serotinum - Curry Plant. Evergreen, aromatic silvery grey leaves. Bright yellow flowers in summer. Sunny, well drained site. H.2ft. 7cm pots, £1.75, 2 litre pots £3.50

Hydrangea Macrophylla mophead Pink - Rounded shrub with oval dark green leaves. Pink flowers produced in mid to late summer. h. up to 5ft. 7cm pots £1.75

Hydrangea Pan Kyushu - An unusual form with glossy green leaves and off white lacy flowers from July to autumn. H. up tp 6ft.Half shade. 7cm pots £2.50, 2 litre pots,£6.50, extra large £12.50

Hydrangea Annabelle - Fabulous large white heads fading to pale green, 1.5 litre £5.50 SOLD OUT
Hydrangea Visistation, similar to Annabelle. 1.5 litre pots £5.50.
Hydrangea Ayesha - Unusual waxy pink flowers over bright green foliage £5.50 sold out

Hypericum Hidcote - Evergreen or semi evergreen shrub produces abundent large golden yellow flowers from mid summer to early autunm. Sun or partial shade. Trim annually to increase flowering. H. 4ft. 7cm square pots £1.75 ,1.5 litre pots £4.50

Jasmine Nudiflorum - Winter flowering Jasmine is a mound forming deciduous shrub. Small tubular yellow flowers appear in late winter.sun best, tolerates semi shade. H. up to 10ft. 7cm pots £1.75

Kerria Japonica - Vigorous deciduous shrub forms clumps of arching cane like shoots. Large double yellow flowers appear in mid to late spring. Full sun or partial shade. H.6ft. large plants 3ft high 7cm pots £1.75, 1.5 litre pots £5.50

Laurus Nobilis (Bay) - Bay is an evergreen tree grown for its aromatic foliage which is used in cooking. can be trimmed into formal shapes. Sun or semi shade,shelter from cold winds. £2.50

Lavandula Hidcote - Compact Lavender with dark purple flowers. flowers mid to late summer. Sun. Trim back flower stems after . flowering. H. 2ft. £2.50 Ready soon

Lavandula Munstead - Evergreen, bushy lavender. Aromatic leaves are grey green, produces dense spikes of fragrant blue flowers from mid to late summer. Sun. H.2ft. £1.75 each

Lavandula Stoechas Pedunculata -French lavender is a compact evergreen which blooms from late spring to summer. Dark purple flowers. sun. H.2ft. 2 litre pots £3.50

Lavender Papillon - Evergreen french lavender with deep purple aromatic flowers with long flag like tufts at the top. sun. H. 3ft. £2.50 sold out

Lonicera Baggessens Gold- Gold Dense evergreen bearing tiny oval leaves on arching stems. Excellent for hedging or topiary, pollution tolerant.Full sun or partial shade. H.5ft. 1 litre £3.50, 2 litre £4.50 , 7cm pots £1.75

Lonicera Fragrantissima - Semi evergreen bushy shrub. Highly fragrant tiny white flowers open in winter and early spring. H.Up to 6ft. 7cm pots £2.50, 2 litre £5.50 .

Lonicera Lemon Beauty - Evergreen gold and green ground cover plant. Sun or shade. H. 2ft. £4.50, 7cm pots £1.75

Lonicera Pileata - Evergreen ground cover, ideal for those difficult areas under trees or over banks. Dark green leaves all year. Sun or shade. H.2ft. 2 litre pots £4.50 , 7cm pots £1.75

Lonicera Red Tips- Evergreen topiary or specimen shrub with deep green leaves, the new growth is red, very attractive. Sun or shade. H. 5ft. 7cm pots £1.75, 5 litre pot £7.50

Philadelphus Coronarius Aurea - Deciduous upright shrub. Very fragrant white flowers in late spring early summer. Golden yellow leaves turn yellow green in summer. Protect from full sun. H. up to 8ft. £5.50, 7cm pots £1.75

Philadelphus Manteau D'hermine - Mock orange. Fragrant creamy white double flowers appear from early to mid summer.Sun or half shade. H. 3ft. £4.50

Phlox Emerald Cushion - Evergreen ground cover, excellent for sunny spots. Pretty star shaped lilac flowers appear over a very long period in summer. H.4 inches. 7cm pots £1.75, 1 litre pots £3.50.

Phormium Purpureum - Evergreen architectural plant with long purple/brown leaves. Full sun with shelter from cold wind.H.6 to 8ft. 1 litre pots £5.50

Phormium Tenax - New Zealand Flax. Evergreen that forms clumps of very long tough leaves. Full sun, sheltered site. H. 12ft. 1 litre pots £4.50

Photinia Red Robin - Evergreen upright shrub with glossy dark green leaves that are brilliant red when young. Excellent autumn colour. Sun or semi shade. H. Up to 10ft. 1.5 litre pots £5.50

Phygelius African Queen - Upright evergreen shrub that bears long Spikes of hanging tubular flowers with orange to yellow mouths. Sun. H.3ft. 7cm pot approx 12 inches high £1.75, 1.5 litre pot £4.50

Phygelius Pink - Evergreen dark green glossy leaved shrub with pretty mid pink tubular flowers in summer. Sunny site. H. 2ft. 9cm pots £2.50 sold out

Phygelius Yellow Trumpet - Evergreen or semi evergreen upright shrub. Bears clusters of tubular yellow flowers from mid summer to ealy autumn. sun. H. 4ft. £3.50 sold out

Physocarpus Darts Gold - Rounded deciduous shrub valued for its three lobed leaves which are golden yellow when young. Sun or partial shade. H. 6ft. 7cm pot £1.75, 2 litre pot £5.50
Physocarpus Lady in Red, dark foliage. 1.5 litre pots, £7.50.

Pittosporum Tenuifolia - Columnar evergreen shrub much valued for its glossy green leaves with wavy edges. Tiny honey scented purple black flowers from late spring. Full sun or partial shade. H. up to 12 ft. £4.50 sold out

Potentilla Katherine Dykes - Shrub up to 5ft high producing an abundance of primrose yellow flowers in summer. Sun or partial shade. 7 cm pots £1.75, 1.5 litre pots £4.50

Prostranthera Cuneata - Mint Bush. Unusual evergreen with small dark green leaves scented with mint, makes a rounded shrub up to 2ft high.Sunny, sheltered site. White , flushed lilac flowers in may £3.50 sold out

Prunus L. Otto Luyken - Compact evergreen cherry laurel. Dense glossy dark green foliage. Abundant spikes of white flowers in mid spring and again in autumn. Low hedge or ground cover. full sun. H. 3ft. 7cm pots £1.75

Pyracantha Soleil D'or - Evergreen spiny shrub that can be used as a climber or hedge. Ideal for north facing walls. White flowers in early summer followed by bright yellow fruits. Very attractive. Sun or half shade. 7cm pots £1.75.

Ribes Sanguinum - Deciduous upright shrub, dark green leaves with pinky red flowers in spring. Sun. H. 6ft. 7cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pots £4.50

Ribes White Icicle - Deciduous upright shrub with green leaves and white flowers in spring. Sun. H> 6ft. £4.50 sold out

Rosemarinus officinalis - Evergreen upright rosemary. Scented leaves and blue flowers in mid to late spring. Sunny well drained site. H. 4ft. 7 cm square pots approx 1 ft high, £1.75

Sarcococca Confusa - Evergreen scented shrub, slow growing. Christmas Box - 7 cm pots, £2.50, 1 litre pot £5.50

Santolina Cham Cotton Lavender - Rounded evergreen shrub grown for its aromatic silver foliage. Small yellow flowers in summer. full sun. H. |Up to 3ft. 7cm pots £1.75, 1 litre pots £3.50.

Senecio Sunshine - Evergreen bushy shrub that forms a mound of silvery grey foliage. Large bright yellow flower heads from early to mid summer. Full sun. H. 3ft. 7cm square pots £1.75

Skimmia Japonica Rubella - Male form. Evergreen shrub bears dark red flower buds opening in spring as fragrant heads of white flowers. no berries are produced but will pollinate nearby female skimmias. Partial or full shade. 5 - 6 ft. 1 litre pots £4.50

Spiraea Antony Waterer - Compact deciduous shrub. dark green leaves are red when young. dense heads of tiny pink flowers in mid to late summer.. H. 3 - 5 ft. Full sun. 7 cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pot £4.50

Spiraea Arguta Bridal Wreath - Fast growing deciduous shrub with mounds of white flowers during early summer. Full sun. H. 4-6ft. 7cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pots approx 2 ft high £5.50

Spiraea Gold Mound - Compact dwarf shrub with yellow foliage. Bears pink flowers in early summer.sunny position. h. 2 to 3ft. 7cm pots £1.75 SOLD OUT

Spiraea Gold Flame - Compact deciduous shrub, bright yellow leaves which are bronze red when young. Dense flattened heads of tiny dark pink flowers appear during mid to late summer. Full sun. H. 2 - 3 ft. ,7cm pots £1.75, 1.5 litre pots £4.50.

Spiraea Little Princess - Dwarf compact shrub with rose crimson flowers in early summer. Sun. H. 3ft. £1.75 in 7cm pots approx 1 ft high.

Spiraea Snowmound - Fast growing deciduous shrub has dense clusters of small white flowers in mid summer. Full sun. H. 4 -6 ft. £4.50 ,7cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pots £5.50

Spirea Pink Ice - Small shrub with foliage flecked with creamy white. Pink flowers in summer. H 3 to 4 ft. £4.50 sold out

Viburnum Bodnantense - Splendid vigorous shrub with densly packed scented rose tinted flowers produced from mid autumn onwards. full sun. H. up to 10 ft. 7 cm pots £2.50, 2 litre pots £6.50

Viburnum Fragrans - Deciduous upright shrub which bears fragrant white or pale pink flowers in winter or early spring. Dark green foliage is bronze when young. Sun or half shade. H. 10ft. £6.50 sold out

Vibernum Opulus Guelder Rose - Vigorous deciduous shrub with green leaves that turn a firey red in autumn. In late spring pretty lace-cap like white flowers appear , followed by bright red fruits in autumn. Sun or half shade. H. 10ft. 2 litre pots £5.50

Vibernum Opulus Sterile - Vigorous bushy deciduous shrub bears deep green leaves that colour to firey red in autumn. In late spring large white snowball like flowers appear. Sun or half shade. H. 10 ft. £4.50 sold out

Vibernum Tinus - Evergreen bushy dense shrub with dark green leaves. Flat headed sprays of small white flowers open from pink buds during late winter to early spring. Sun. H. slowly up to 10 ft. 2 litre pots £5.50, 7cm pots £1.75

Weigela Darts Colordream - Deciduous shrub with dark green leaves and red, and white flowers on the same truss. an attractive novelty. Sunny site. H. 5ft. 7cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pots £5.50.

Weigela Florida Purpureis - Compact deciduous shrub with bronze green foliage. funnel shaped dark pink flowers in late spring and early summer. Full sun. H.3ft. 7cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pots £5.50

Weigela Florida Variegata - Dense deciduous shrub with grey green leaves and white margins. Dark pink flowers with pale insides in late spring and early summer. Full sun. H. 6ft, 7cm pots £1.75, 1.5 litre pots £5.50

Weigela Rubidor - Attractive bright red flowers over golden foliage. 1.5 litre pots £5.50, 7cm pots £1.75, 2 litre pot £5.50