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Buy Perennial Plants

Available in 7cm pots, young plants that can be planted straight out. An economical way to bring flowers into your garden. Most flower in the first season.
1 litre pots, more mature plants for quicker results.

 Buy Plug Plants

An economical way to add lots of plants to your garden. Perennial, shrub, grass and hedging plugs available. Our plugs are large and well rooted, ready for you to pot up and grow on for a few weeks, then plant out into your garden. All produced in peat free compost!

Buy Plants for Pollinators

Plants to attract all typres of bees, hover flies and other pollinators.

Buy Hedging Plants

Our young hedging plants are grown in 7 cm square pots, ideal for planting straight out or potting on into 2 litre pots. Just remember to keep the area weed free and water if necessary for the first season.

Buy sapling Trees

Young plants in 7 or 9 cm pots grown peat free.

Buy Grasses

Our young grasses are grown in 7cm square pots, ready to plant straight out. They establish quickly if kept weed free and watered.
Our 1 litre grasses are more mature for an immediate effect.

Buy Shrubs

Our young shrub plants are grown in 7 cm square pots, ready to plant out or pot on into 2 litre pots.
Keep watered and weed free around the new plantings.

Buy Homeware & Gardenalia

For the garden or country home.